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Dry Shampoo or Shampoo ?

Are you causing more damage to your hair by washing it everyday or by using dry shampoo!
17f575ebdc9d80a4_hair-shampooing-xxxlarge_1         Most shampoos are filled with harmful chemicals that damage your hair and scalp the most common being SLS sodium lauryl sulphate. Many of these chemicals dry out the scalp, strip your hair of natural oils and cause irritation.          
Dry Shampoo/Alternative
          An alternative method to this is washing with water, apple cider vinegar and baking soda. This will allow the hair to regulate the production of natural oils as they are not stripped away with every wash. Meaning less shampooing is needed! However Baking soda can be highly alkaline and cause similar problems to the chemical filled shampoos.
Go Natural
            Buying natural and organic shampoos that have no sulphates and are pH balancing are your best option. Avoid alkaline shampoos as they can cause irritation and strip the hair of natural oils.  Shampoos with natural oils in also help strengthen the hair and can prevent oil build up. apple-cider-vinegar-uses-hair
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