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Be my Quarantine! Valentine’s Day is a time to really feel the love.

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Whether you’re buying something for yourself, your loved one, or even a family member; it’s important now more than ever, to give yourself or loved ones some selfcare, love, and/or a spa experience from home.


And with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, why not head over to our organic argan oil collection and place your order before it’s too late – there’s still time you know!


To help you on your way, we’ve come up with a selection of gift ideas, and some reasons why Douvall’s organic argan oil collection is the ultimate romantic gift.


Douvall’s first cold pressed argan oil is 100% pure and raw. We are the sole distributer of this particular oil in the UK, working directly with our women’s co-operative.


Our argan oil is extracted from the nut using only traditional methods, so that our customers get the best argan oil out there on the market.


Because of our unique and traditional approach, it’s non-allergenic, fast absorbing, light weight and non-greasy, 100% pure, organic and natural - with absolutely nothing else added!

Douvall’s first cold pressed argan oil is uniquely high in vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acids - which means it’s renowned and scientifically proven for its age-defying and rejuvenating properties. 


The argan tree takes 14 years to bear its fruit and is only harvested three months of the year. It’s been the secret ingredient for the beautiful women of Morocco for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Introducing our Skincare Candle

Instead of flowers that wilt, or chocolates that makes us feel guilty, give yourself the glowing skin you deserve, or even better, create a spa experience from the comfort of your home for the girls, your loved one, or family. Fill your home with the aroma of our relaxing and uplifting argan skincare candle, made with our signature first cold pressed argan oil, along with cocoa butter, soy eco wax, and expertly blended essential oils.

Due to its unique low burning temperature, after 15 minutes you will find a pool of warm and natural scented relaxing oil – which means it’s perfect for you or a loved one to indulge in a unique and traditional Moroccan luxury treatment.

Give the Gift of a game changer! image

No other skincare is as flexible as Douvall’s organic first cold pressed 100 % pure organic argan oil. Not only is it scientifically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, it’s ideal to use on the face and body, and it can also transform you and your loved one’s hair and nails! 

Here’s some more suggestions about its application…

On the face

Gently massage our nourishing, pure organic argan oil onto the face after cleansing night and day for deep hydration. It’s the perfect nutrient for glowing beautiful skin.


On the body

Douvall’s organic argan oil is the perfect body treatment. Instead of butters or creams, our first cold pressed argan oil delivers unrivalled results without the toxins, to really moisturise your body for glowing perfection. Add a few drops into the bath to soften water and give a really effective moisturising soak! You’re guaranteed to come out with buttery soft skin!


Mother and baby

Douvall’s organic argan oil is ideal to be used during pregnancy to prevent and repair stretch marks. It can also be applied onto the scalp in the weeks leading up to birth.


For conditioning the hair

It can be used instead of a serum to prevent split ends, on fine flyaways, and as a deep conditioning treatment for ultra-shiny strong hair.


For nails 

Many people rave about the impact Douvall’s organic argan oil has on their nails. It helps your nails become strong, long, and healthier. Just massage onto cuticles on a frequent basis.


There’s more! Our newly launched rehab oils ! Help a loved one rehab

Why not help yourself or a loved one to treat that niggling skin problem this Valentine’s Day?


We have all been stuck in, now is the time to rehab our skin and look after it in the way that it deserves.


Our unique and specially blended plant based  formulas use only the finest ingredients, combined with beneficial essential oils to target two very common stubborn complaints - wrinkles and acne!


Expertly blended to give you exactly what your skin needs, you can alternate them with your organic argan oil, or use alone.


Help a loved one or even rehab your own skin to get that all important glow back!



 Use code VALENTINES at checkout for 20% off this valentines, valid until 15.02.2020 12pm. 

If you’d like to discuss any of the points raised in our quick and easy Valentine’s blog, get in touch with a member of our team today. It would be great to hear from you.


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