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Zero Waste - Because everything starts at home

Zero Waste -  Because everything starts at home

What is zero waste?

It is a philosophy that encourages the redesign of making products to make them easily reusable. Creating a limited effect on the enviroment. Zero waste was a concept bought to small towns in New Zealand. It is now a worldwide movement. 

Things I Was Already Doing Towards Zero Waste

  • Reusing plastic bags: Or even better bring your own fabric bags.
  • Choosing reusable straws: Paper straws or a metal straw that you can wash and reuse.
  • Saying no to plastic cutlerySay no to plastic cutlery/cups/plates. Use reusable mugs and bring to your local coffee shop.
  • Using soap bars and organic dishwashers: Use products that are housed in recycleable packaging or reusable packaging. This includes your skincare, fabric softener and your dishwasher tablets.
  • Repurposing glass, cardboard and paperRe-use and refill your empties  as much as possible. For example a glass bottle can become a vase.


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Did you know?

The world dumps a massive 2.12 billion tons of waste every year. (According to The World Courts) 

Disturbing Facts About Plastic

  • 50% of plastics are used only once. 
  • It's expensive to manufacture plastic.
  • Most plastic items take 450 years to biodegrade.

How Plastic Waste Impacts Oceans

    • 8 tons of plastic waste are dumped in the sea
    • All these critically affect marine life forms
    • 300,000 tons of waste float on ocean's surface
    • Fishing nets are discarded and left in the ocean 

What do we do now? Something has to change to protect nature

  • Refuse
  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle
  • Rot

REFUSE: Single-use plastics: (bags, bottles, cups, and utensils), freebies (party favours, hotel toiletries), disposable items, and junk mail.

REDUCE: Purchase repairable items over disposable ones, try to avoid unnecessary purchases, shop second hand and eco products, decrease exposure to tempting advertising messages.

REUSE: Practice borrowing and sharing items, repair instead of replace, Rethink the items you already have and find reusable ones.

RECYCLE: Actively recycle home waste such as glass, plastic, cardboard etc as well as clothing and unwanted items. 

ROT: Use your leftover food waste as a fertiliser or recycle in your food waste bin, Throw food waste in a worm bin and let worms turn your waste into high-quality fertiliser.

Advocate Eco-friendly alternatives

There are plenty of alternatives out there we just have to search for them, such as reusable water bottles, bamboo toothbrushes, and reusable lunch bags.

Join beach cleanups

You can clean you local area by literpicking or join a group clean up for later in the year. Check with your local community activities.

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Some Ideas to get you started!

  • Buy bamboo tooth brushes and toothpaste tabs
  • Purchase foods not wrapped in plastic at your local supermarket. Bring your own fruit and veg bags.
  • skincare in recycleable packaging or reusable packaing.
  • Use multitasking products to limit the amount of products you need to purchase.
  • Use containers or beeswax wraps instead of clingfilm or tinfoil.
  • Try clothing from charity/thrift stores or online such as eBay.
  • Use coral friendly SPF
  • replace paper towels/wipes for fabric towels/napkins
  • Use menstral cups/ pants
  • Go paperless for bills/recipets
  • Use lose leaf tea
  • Grow your own herbs - just a window needed.

Find your local shop that offers zero waste - they are all over! Even farm shops tend you use less or no packaging.

Zero waste stores:

Most importantly, do the best you can and every little helps! 

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