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How to deal with lockdown skin and what has quarantine done to our skin?

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Many people are asking how and why has my skin changed in lockdown?  

What can I do to get my skin looking great ready for life after lockdown? We thought we could lend a helping hand and address your lock down skin problems with some lock down beauty tips! lockdown, lockdown skin, skincare, mask, maskne, covid, lockdown skincare, skin in lockdown, stress, stressed, stressed skin.

1. Has my skin changed in lockdown?

 In short yes, it probably has, not only does staying inside affect your skin, dryer air in the house really dries skin, and worsens existing skin conditions. Skin can lack moisture and needs some serious hydration.

A recent study by The Sunday times showed nearly 40% of us noticed dryer skin and more wrinkles. Stress is a big thing for skin also lack of sleep which results in a lack of melatonin. Lack of this essential hormone compromises your immune system, your skin is the first warning sign! your body tells you! When you are feeling good and getting your 8 hours sleep have you ever had people comment, wow your glowing! Well, you are getting your melatonin! Your skin shows what’s going on in inside, emotionally and physically.


2. How has my skin changed in lockdown?

Lockdown effects on the skin can vary depending on your particular skin issues and prone areas. Maybe you’re noticing more skin breakouts. This can be due to stress, change of diet, hormonal and even facemasks and of course a lack of Vitamin D as we spend far more time indoors.


 3. I've been in quarantine for 2 weeks, is there such a thing as quarantine skin problems?
 Yes! Quarantine skin is a thing! You are not alone!
Change in diet or exercise can affect your skin along with the above, as we mentioned before, all these factors can cause dry skin on the face, stressed related skin conditions, dullness, aging skin, and loss of the glow!
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 4. My hands seem to have aged from so much hand washing. How can that be?

  Over washing is great for germ’s not so great for skin! Alcohol based hand sanitisers are a must in COVID-19 times but can cause all sorts of skin issues, the most obvious one being Dry skin!  Dry skin is aging skin, imagine a piece of fruit as it gets old and shrivels, well our job is to deliver stressed skin remedies and help you plump out that skin again, as plump skin is young skin!


 5. I don’t get it, I have spent more time on my skin and I have more skin issues than before, why is this?

 42% of us changed our skincare routine over lock down according to The Sunday Times! Lockdown skin is a tricky thing. With more time on our hands it could mean we have more time to use those samples in the cupboard we haven’t used for ages, or exfoliating, using masks, or old creams… the problem is skin likes to keep it simple, the chances are you are over complicating things.

The less your cells have to work, the better. Keep it simple. The less ingredients the better, mother nature knows best and your skin knows exactly how to use natural ingredients, synthetic man-made ingredients your skin doesn’t  recognise or know what to do with, so your over working your cells, creating issues that manifest into common problems like redness, irritation, acne, wrinkles, dryness, eczema and Psoriasis.


 6. I’m wearing less make up in lockdown but my skin is breaking out even more than before!

 One third of us are wearing less make up in lockdown, not everyone takes off their make up at night or washes their face at night if they are not wearing make-up. Your skin still needs thorough cleansing to wash and gently buff away dead skin cells, build-up of oil sebum, and dirt from the day. Factors like environment play a part in how dirty our face gets. That leads me onto the fact only 7% of us wear SPF every day. Did you know at least 80% of skin aging is sun damage? A great natural SPF30 should have UVA and UVB protection which is so vital for prevention of skin aging and you should wear it everyday.

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Lockdown beauty tips;

 So what do I do to fix it? Have you got any lockdown skincare tips? 

Yes! There are loads we can do to help our quarantine skin! In fact, we have also put together a Quarantine and lockdown skincare regime with some great lockdown skin care tips to help both stress and skin, as they are often related. It’s important we address stress related skin conditions too in our lockdown beauty tips so here goes;

 Number one thing to do for your skin is destress! You need time for you, Rituals are so important to us, if we can form a ritual to give a few minutes to ourselves each day and enrich the soul and fill ourselves with happiness this will go a long way to great skin. Try facial massage, this can be done whist cleansing, and massaging Douvall’s argan oils into your skin.

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Maybe you are experiencing redness. First off, take note of your diet. Are you eating more spicy foods, Alcohol, Dairy, less fruit and veg? There are also other factors like Environment and stress. We love our Argan and CBD for serious redness reduction, this powerful anti-inflammatory power house is best to use at night. The rich pure organic non isolate CBD comes still in its pure form and is a really rich green colour, just how mother nature intended, showing how non processed it is and natural. That’s when skincare works the best, just like your diet. The more colourful fruit and veg you eat, the better your skin will be, as long as you are not washing them done with a bottle of wine of course!

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Another great way to relax is to spend just a few minutes lighting a natural scented candle (don’t touch synthetic scented candles) the scents can lift the senses calming and de-stressing us instantly. Another way to achieve this is with natural room sprays.

A Bath or shower- taking just a few moments using Douvall’s shower oil which is enriched with calming natural essential oils that deep cleanse the skin and create an instant spa experience. When cleansing your face, in the bath, shower or as you morning routine, take a moment to massage your face with your cleanser and breathe in the beneficial oils. Place your Douvall’s organic muslin cloth in hot-warm water, wring out your cloth and place the full cloth onto your face, pressing in the cleansing oils, opening up your pores and allowing the heat to help release any excess sebum and dirt. Repeat as many times as you need and on the final step, rinse your cloth and reapply with cool water, this helps to close your pores and is very refreshing and awakening. Your muslin also gently buff away dead skin cells from the face and body.  

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Exercise is key, not only does it make you feel good and sends off endorphins it gets the blood pumping giving you your glow back! Even a gentle walk has so many beneficial factors for your health and skin! So, get out there! Wrap up. SPF on (sun rays can still harm and damage skin even in the bleakest winter! Protect your skin every day with Douvalls daily SPF30 uva uvb protection, its packed with organic first cold pressed argan so it’s a great moisturiser too! Enjoy the English country side! Don’t forget to smile and say hi to passers by, not only will it make them feel good it will you too!

 Soap versus hand sanitiser, It’s better to use soap on your hands than hand sanitisers when you can, they are a lot gentler and just as effective when you wash your hands properly. In fact, NHS guide lines also recommends this!

We all are experiencing dry hands right now, so don’t forget to use Douvalls organic argan multi-balm on your hands. It acts as a barrier for serious hydration, not only that the natural highest quality pure essential oils are great to breathe to lift the spirits.

We also recommend our Argan and CBD moisturiser which is 100% pure nothing else added, it will calm, soothe and hydrate the very driest of hands! If you have a sensitivity to essential oils this is a great one for you.

We formulated our skin high Wrinkle and Acne rehab oil serums which have been carefully expertly blended for lockdown rehab of skin,  to bring your skin everything it needs for your specific problem. The results have been nothing short of amazing, to find out more head over to our website here!

Last but not least and the most important, yes, I know it’s boring but hydrate and have a healthy diet! Your skin will thank you for it!

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