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Foraged Food and Skincare! Recipe's for foraged ingredients.

Foraged Food and Skincare! Recipe's for foraged ingredients.

We have just launched our Organic nettle and Argan oil which has already been a huge hit and our latest Podcast with Shane Holland from Slow Food UK about foraging. 

We are a big fan of foraged food and skincare not only for the eco credentials, sustainability but also for the massive health benefits that truly are unrivalled from anything you can get from the supermarket.

 On our first podcast we talked to Shawn at Slow Food, he taught us so much, if you get a chance please have a listen at Douvall's podcast! (Available on Spotify, amazon, Apple, Google and more) 

Today though we thought we'd bring you a few super simple recipes that you can forage yourself or like us cheat a little and buy online, we bought the wonderful ingredients from Bello at Wildfood Deliverys who delivers her foraged food to 5 star Mitchlin Resturants, they turned up promptly and super fresh. You can also email Slow Foods UK for a local forager near you! 

The taste was surprising, a much deeper flavour but still very pleasant, and the whole family enjoyed including the kids.



We used Bello's garlic pesto sauce but you can forage and make your own pesto sauce using wild garlic, pinenuts, nutirional yeast (or Parmesan), salt and olive oil.

We cooked the pasta drained the water, then added the pesto sauce, and wild mushrooms, roughly chopped.

Cooking for another 5-10 minutes on medium heat.

Then Voila! Serve on plates and for the non vegan recipe simply add pine nuts, parmasan or grated cheese to taste. For Vegans leave this out or add nutritional yeast or vegan cheese.



Bello garlic pesto sauce


Wild mushrooms picked by Bello at wild food delivery

Roasted Pine nuts

Sesame seeds for decoration

Cheese to sprinkle on top


Spring is truly here and Summer is fast approaching, what better way to celebrate the sunny season that a fresh cup of Dandelion coffee in the garden! this caffeine free beverage is just pure roasted dandelion nothing else! but tastes extroadingly like coffee without the negative effects of caffeine, its highly nutrious, immune boosting, probiotic, containing potent antioxidants, may help for liver support and inflammation and some reports say its even good for aiding weight loss!

So although its not really a recipe we wanted to share with you this amazing cuppa to try.

Watch out for this exciting ingredient in our skincare soon!

We sourced our dandelion coffee from bello wild food delivery online but there are lots of places online you can find it, though for quality i can vouch for this one.



1 teaspoon of dandelion coffee in a cup, add sugar or honey to taste. Add milk/ plant milk to taste.

Voila! Simple as that! 


Dandelion tea

Optional sugar, sweetener, agave, vegan honey or honey.

Optional milk.


Enjoy and share your foraging recipes, meals and wild finds with us @Douvalls on social media! 

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