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Foraged Food and Skincare! Recipe's for foraged ingredients.

Foraged Food and Skincare! Recipe's for foraged ingredients.

As you know we have just launched our Organic nettle and Argan oil which has already been a huge hit and our latest Podcast with Shane Holland from Slow Food UK about foraging. 

We are a big fan of foraged food and skincare not only for there eco credentials, Sustainability but also for there massive health benefits that truly are unrivalled from anything you can get from the supermarket.

On our first podcast we talked to Shawn at Slow Food, he taught us so much, if you get a chance please have a listen at Douvall's podcast!

Today though we thought we'd bring you a few super simple recipes that you can forage yourself or like us cheat a little and buy online.

Intro to The Douvalls Podcast

Intro to The Douvalls Podcast

Is beauty really skin deep? Mother and Daughter team Alicia and Georgia Douvall founders of Dou...
nettle oil, stinging nettle oil, nettle and argan oil, nettle skin oil, nettle hair oil, foraged nettle oil.

What is next in skincare? Wild and Foraged Skincare!

Wild Skincare is on its way and its going to be big. What is this I hear you ask and why is it better for me than conventional skincare? 

Wild is the new 'clean’ beauty, using the much more potent foraged, wild plants that have come from un-farmed land, with all the benefits, nutrients of uncultivated, fertile soil. 

It’s about time skincare went eco isn’t it? Not only is our carbon footprint zero as we walk on our lands to forage wild plants before being formulated, they truly are British made. 

lockdown skin, skin problems and has my skin changed

How to deal with lockdown skin and what has quarantine done to our skin?

What can I do to get my skin looking great ready for life after lockdown? We thought we could lend a helping hand and address your lock down skin problems with some lock down beauty tips! 
valentines gifts, skincare candle

Be my Quarantine! Valentine’s Day is a time to really feel the love.

Whether you’re buying something for yourself, your loved one, or even a family member; it’s important now more than ever, to give yourself or loved ones some selfcare, love, and/or a spa experience from home.
soaps are in, argan hydrating and cleansing soaps.

Soaps are back IN!

Our soaps are safe to use, sustainable, no nasties, cruelty free, plastic packaging free and fair trade.  The benefits of using soap bars and what they can do for you!
how to make plant based milk

Got Milk?

Making milk is super quick and easy and you only need two ingredients.
Black Lives Matter, how to support BLM

How to support BLM!

Knowledge is power, the more we know the more we can support BLM.