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What you should be doing to save money on your skincare…

What you should be doing to save money on your skincare…

Forget turning the heating off, how to save money and be healthier, happier and even more beautiful! 

 Are you ready for some good news? How about some ways to save money and treat your skin? 

With so much negativity, chaos, pain, and suffering in the news, the weight of the world can feel unbearably heavy right now.  

But here’s the truth; regardless of everything happening in the world, there are simple ways to uplift and inspire and so much to be grateful for. Here at Douvall’s we believe in doing everything we can to serve you in these difficult times.  We hope these simple easy tips bring you some inspiration, light and savings! 

Gas and electric prices are at an all time high with costs only going up, so what can we do to help? Well Douvall’s was made for the best solutions to every skincare routine, cutting out the additives and delivering you natural skincare that really works, that is multi-tasking and products that the whole family can use, so you don’t have to buy multiple products, you don’t get sucked into any disappointing marketing pitches, we only make products that really make a difference and enhance your skincare routine for every skincare problem. 

Whilst we are being told to be careful with our electric, why suffer in the cold when actually you can make cut backs that are good for you! Less is definitely more with skincare! 

We have put together some handy tips to save BIG so you don’t have to sit in the cold, and they actually make you feel and look better too! 


Forget marketing ads and the latest creams. These will disappoint and waste your money. Focus instead on sticking to skincare where the ingredients can be understood. If there's a long list of ingredients that you can’t understand, even if they say it’s natural check the packaging and get in touch with them. Your skin will thank you when you keep it simple! 

Here are a few skincare examples that could save you money, brighten skin, and even banish lines naturally, what’s not to love!


No more mushy soap with our soap saver that makes your soap last 8 times longer! Allows water to drain, air to circulate under the soap, while drying the soap making it anti-bacterial.

 Use handmade natural soap blended with only natural ingredients, not the factory made ones which often use nasty ingredients like artificial perfumes, PEGS and alcohols that dry or irritate skin and heat at a high temperature destroying any nutrients. 

Handmade soap is full of goodness that is perfect for the face and body and even hair (due to the coconut oil that naturally cleanses). Not only will it last much longer than your ordinary cleanser, it thoroughly cleanses face and body without leaving your skin tight or dry.

The whole family can use it from babies to great grandparents! It’s versatile, plastic free, easy to travel with and if you're going to a hotel, try to avoid hotel soaps that usually contain sulphates and other nasties!

If you do have a favourite cleanser and you like to cleanse twice you can make it last longer by doing your second wash with soap. 

Ditch the cotton pads!

Switching to re-usable muslin cloths not only saves you money in the long run, they are a much more effective way to cleanse your skin! Douvalls natural organic muslin cloth which is unbleached, not only super effective at cleansing your skin, it also is mother natures answer to the perfect gentle exfoliator to wipe away daily grime and pollution, saving you money on buying unnecessary exfoliators. Especially on older skin, we need to be careful not to over exfoliate. Our skin still needs a little help to wipe away dead skin cells as cell turnover slows down from aging.

Using Douvalls muslin cloth is actually 4 times more effective than a flannel. Douvalls organic muslin cloths can be popped into the washing machine to use over and over again.

Multi use products that are simple and really effective;

 Douvall’s organic first cold pressed Argan oil is one of the very few products out there that really is a one and done product for all. You can use it on dry skin, face, body, hair and nails.

This not only saves you space but money too, the whole family can use it.  Spending small amounts on lots of products amounts to much more than Douvall’s organic Argan oil will cost you less and not only be that much more effective at achieving glowing skin. 

No other moisturiser can brighten skin like Argan oil. The miraculous results for your face don't stop there, you also see the same amazing results for nails and hair. This nutrient rich dry oil is the missing link your face, body, hair and nails needs.



Comment your skincare savy saving tips, we would love to hear them! 

Happy savings Argan beauties! Xxx


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