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At Home Wellness Retreat

At Home Wellness Retreat

It is a busy time of year and we must not forget to treat ourselves as well as everyone around us! For many the holiday season is a busy hustle and bustle of joy and others it's just a little too overwhelming. Maybe we are over giving and trying to make everyone else have a perfect time, but remember you can't pour from an empty glass. 

We all might like to go on a similar Retreat to 'Nine perfect stranger' show on Netflix starring Nicole Kidman and come out the other end! So lets take a less wild version of this and create our own version of serenity. 

Take some time for a wellness weekend, day or even an hour, whatever time you can spare to selfceare and self love! We have the perfect ideas to relax from home, especially if the anxiety of future COVID restrictions is looming over us. 

Here are a few ideas on how to create your own Wellness retreat at Home! 

Before you start, prepare and set your goals for your retreat. Your goals could be as simple as relax and de-stress, take what you need from the experience. Start by planning when you have time to start your retreat if its a few hours or a few days, plan healthy meals and clear space and de-clutter as much as possible. It is best to avoid distractions such as your phone or laptop, maybe let people know you might be unreachable for that period of time. 

1. Food: Plan you meal and/or meals, a retreat is also a detox for your mind and body, you should feel replenished and balanced. A great way to curve the bad habits of take our and sugary foods would be to start with a few days of healthy eating. Pack in as much greens as possible, a great way to do this is with a green smoothie, celery juice and even start your day with hot lemon water to detox in the morning. Drink plenty of water to cleanse your system throughout the day. 


2. Spa time: Set a time to unwind and relax your body. A bath is the perfect opportunity for this but a shower will work too. Grab your favourite spa products such as a muscle ease shower oil to indulge in some luxury while you care for your body. Lighting candles can really set a relaxing mood too along with spa music to calm your mind. 


3. Massage: We all love a massage, at home self massage not only eases tension but is also a great ritual to love your body. Use a hydrating and rich oil to massage your skin, releasing tension and toxins. 


4. Exercise: Get your blood pumping, it could be a run, swim or a brisk walk. Exercising releases endorphins that make us happy and energised, regular exercise can have a fantastic affect on your mental and physical health. 


5. Meditation and Yoga: Reduce stress and high blood pressure. Take time to clear your mind and unlock any tightness in the body. Meditation doesn't have to be clear mind of emptiness it can simple be acknowledge the thoughts and emotions in our mind and letting them pass by and letting them go while we meditate and relax. 


6.Nature: Enjoy your surrounds, if that is a park, mountains, woods or beach, enjoy the views and sounds of nature around you. Nature can be incredibly humbling and beautiful, especially if we take the time to appreciate it. 


7. Sleep: Wind down early for bed time with some help from herbal teas, reading a book or lighting an aromatherapy pillow spray or candle. A good nights sleep to replenish your mind and body ready for the next day! 


Remember it isn't selfish to take time for you! 

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