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Natural Sleep Spray 50ml

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Spray onto your pillow or bedding before you go to sleep to aid relaxation and a better nights sleep.

Contains essential oils naturally occurring Linalool; Linalyl acetate; Vetiverols; Octimene; Caryophyllene; Terpentine-4 of beta-Pinene; d-Limomene; L-Octen-3-yl acetate; Geraniol.. **Natural • PLANT BASED • VEGAN • SUSTAINABLE •• 100% NATURAL • CRUELTY FREE •

Can also be used in a steamy bathroom while running a bath.

 Douvalls natural sleep spray helps you sleep deeper for longer and wake up refreshed, for the ultimate beauty sleep. The natural way to fall asleep faster for longer. 
Expertly blended essential oils, hand made in the UK for a better nights sleep.
Scented with calming lavender, camomile and vetiver to relax and soothe you to sleep. 

 Perfect to help you fall asleep faster, if you are a restless sleeper or struggle to stay asleep.