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How Does CBD Work on Damaged Hair? By Sierra Herscovitch

How Does CBD Work on Damaged Hair? By Sierra Herscovitch

Cannabidiol extracted from hemp can work wonders on all kinds of hair, helping keep your scalp and locks healthy and luscious. Thanks to their medicinal and therapeutic benefits, they help boost the effectiveness of such products. However, consumers need to make sure they only purchase products manufactured by reputable and credible companies, like Douvalls. By including hemp-based hair care products in your regimen, you will be able to see a marked difference in around two weeks. Do let us know in the comments below how CBD helped you transform your hair for the better!
lockdown skin, skin problems and has my skin changed

How to deal with lockdown skin and what has quarantine done to our skin?

What can I do to get my skin looking great ready for life after lockdown? We thought we could lend a helping hand and address your lock down skin problems with some lock down beauty tips!