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Yoga and Argan Oil

Dear reader,

I want to start off with a quote from Amit Ray a yogi who has inspired thousands across the globe.

“Meditation is a way for nourishing and blossoming the divinity within you.”


We are all divine beings, whether you see yourself as a creation of a god or a ball of energy and light, there is a strong power that you withhold which affects all other beings around you. In order to help ourselves from attaining deep savasana and to simply be a source of goodness, calm and love we should all be incorporating yoga in our daily routine. This practice goes beyond the physical benefits of stretching to simply be more flexible.  The practice of yoga is essential to learn how to JUST BE. You can learn how to really connect with your breath, heartbeat, muscles, joints, pain, relief, stretch, and most importantly, your mind. You learn how to know your body and essentially yourself. One can see how far the mind will release itself and let you focus on each pose as it flows into another one.


Photographer Credit : Ed Reeve

After a yoga class, you feel light, airy, cleansed, directed with a goal. You send your energy upwards in hope that it will affect someone or something in the most positive way. Yoga is rooted with meditation. What keeps us going back is not only so that we can perfect our squatting goddess, or our transition from warrior 3 into our half moon. What keeps us going back is so that we can achieve all these difficult poses while achieving the art of meditation. It is a very hard thing to do, but it is addicting and you feel so immensely PROUD of yourself everytime you manage to release and achieve a pose you have been trying to perfect or months.

This year we have been practicing HOTPOD YOGA in London and it is the absolute best. They set up the pod so that it remains at 37 degrees and there are humidifiers which really help warm your body up so that can get get deeper into all the stretches and poses. You sweat A LOT but you advance a lot more. On top of that your skin sheds so you feel like a soft baby after class.

You can incorporate skin care into your yoga. We have applied lots of argan oil onto your scalp and all over our hair, as well as on our skin before the class. The heat will help open all the follicles and let the oil seep deeper into your pores so that your can feel more nourished and moisturized. We all love having glossy, shiny and strong hair so it is def worth looking like a greaseball for a few hours. So if you love yoga as much as we do and you love argan oil, mesh both and you will be the healthiest yogi out there!

We love to hear your comments,

Lots of love,


Alicia Douvall

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