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What’s the best hair removal for face and body?

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Everyone wants to be silky smooth, especially during the summer months when we bare all. It can seem a bit overwhelming with all the options out there or maybe you don’t know what your options are. Here are some options and tips on how to make your usual method work better for you! The most popular options are shaving, waxing or hair removal creams. There are many salon treatments that have become available at home which can be very effective, such as epilating, dermablading and lazer hair removal.

Shaving: The most typical way to remove hair from face and body is shaving, which is a quick and easy solution. To avoid razor burn and bumps always use a shaving base, cream or oil to prep skin before and after. Our Douvalls shower oil is perfect for all over the body and for those intimate areas, providing hydration and a silky smooth shave. For a preping lotion try Tend Skin solution to reduce razor bumps before and after. Also for an eco shaver try one with changeable heads such as bamboo razor. Waxing: Waxing is a long lasting option which can be great if you can plan ahead. You do need to grow the hair out on the area you want to wax as longer/thicker hair makes it more effective, this method isn’t the most pain free but it varies from person to person. A bonus is that each time you wax the hair will grow back thinner and it can last three to six weeks. You can get a professional wax done in a salon or from home with some great strips or kits. The mylee waxing kit is perfect if you want to do regular waxing at home. Lazer: Lazer sounds scary but it can be very effective and less painful than waxing. The effects can be long term if you’re dedicated to going to a salon or treating from home. This results in little to no hair after a while and less irritation of the skin. It can be pricier especially at salons, home machines make it more cost effective especially if eventually you never need to shave/wax etc again. We would recommend using the VEME or Phillips machine, both have a three year warranty and are already more cost effective that six salon sessions. Also remember to stay out of the sun and moisturise with a gentle unscented product such as our oils or body butter. Epilating:Epilating is essentially a fast speed plucker, it isn’t exactly painless but does last longer than shaving, again removing the hair from the root causing hair to grow back thinner. This is a mid range products and can easily be done from home for longer lasting effects. A great at home epilator is the Braun Silk machine, best used after a shower when skin and hair are softer and more easily extracted.   Hair removal cream: Hair removal creams are a quick, easy and painless option, they can last a little longer than shaving too. However, always do a patch test on a less sensitive area as these creams essentially burn off the hair and are full of toxins and chemicals. You do need to be careful not to burn the skin as this can happen in left on too long. Make sure to take care of the skin afterwards as it maybe sensitive. Dermaplaning: Dermaplaning or dermablading can be great for on the go and your face. It can also help with skin troubles as it removes the top layer of skin along with hair. You can get this done in a salon or at home to remove hair, face peach fuzz, add glow to your skin and smooth the texture of skin. An added benefit is you skincare products will also sink in deeper, making them more effective. If you have highly reactive and sensitive skin you may want to rethink dermaplaning for your face or consider going to a professional. Facial hair wont grow back thicker or darker for most, it may seem that way though as you skin will be brighter after dermaplaning. We would always recommend a natural and unscented product to moisturise and soothe skin after any hair removal. You are not only removing the hair but also the exfoliating the top layer of the skin. An important note is to always use SPF after hair removal as your skin will be more sensitive. 
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