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The Power of Turmeric and Argan Oil

Douvall stands strongly with their policy of remaining natural, organic and healthy. This means taking good care of our bodies inside and out, and avoiding chemicals that can harm us. As winter is just around the corner and our skins are become more fragile from the cold, and wind and the blasting heat in our homes. This is why we have decided to share with you one of the ingredients we use to purify and cleanse our bodies.

Turmeric if you have not heard of it yet, contains curcumin which is an ingredient that has amazing properties and delivers positive results when used to fight inflammations. It is also an excellent antioxidant, which explains why scientists are exploring its potential in fighting cancer. The spice has been very widely used in India for centuries, not only in cuisine but also in face masks.


Turmeric can be ingested as well as applied on the skin. Here are some of the benefits for the skin:

  • softens the skin and reduces swelling (and puffiness!)

  • Turmeric is high in antioxidants that slow down cell damage.

  • It’s widely used as a skin exfoliant and improves skin’s texture.

  • It helps with inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne, dry skin, psoriasis and eczema.

  • It helps reduce pigmentation and even out the skin tone.

  • It is also said to diminish the appearance of wrinkles.


We’ve read some amazing stories about how turmeric masks have helped men and women get rid of their acne completely. Apply the turmeric paste 2-3 times a week for two months and your results should show rapidly. It removes the bacteria that cause inflammation and remove excessive oil from the skin. Many of us have scars that have formed from acne, and turmeric will also aide in reducing the scarring.



1 Tsp Turmeric powder

1 T Tsp Argan Oil

1 Tsp Honey

2 Tbsp Milk (almond or coconut)

Mix all ingredients until you get a soft paste. Apply to face or are with inflammation, and let rest for 15 to 40 min.


Another great way to use turmeric and argan oil is to remove dandruff.  Apply 1/2 Tbsp of turmeric powder with 2 Tbsp of Argan Oil to your scalp and leave for 15 min. Remove with natural shampoo. This process should definitely help keep your dandruff at bay.

Beware, Always use pure genuine turmeric powder, if you want to avoid stains. Good quality turmeric will enhance the glow and brightness of your face; especially if you add some lemon to it.


Now why use argan oil to complement the turmeric rather than any other oil ?


Argan oil has many properties when applied as a mask that other oils will not deliver. Argan Oil is packed with antioxidants, Vitamin E, and essential fatty acids. Not only does it hydrate and nourish dry skin, it also protects the skin from free radicals. On the other side, on top of being a great moisturizer, it will not grease up oily skin. This is important because many of us avoid using oil as a moisturizer if we feel our skin is already too “shiny”. Argan Oil in a way manages oil production in our body. Because the argan oil controls your skin oils, it allows it to be more elastic and to therefore promote a rapid growth of the cells, thus creating an anti aging effect.

What if you do not have the time to make and apply a mask?

Turmeric as stated previously can be used many a ways. If you do not have the time to make a mask, try sprinkling a little bit into your daily or nightly moisturizer. Throughout the day and night, the powder will be acting on your skin and naturally enhance the glow of your skin. It’s a great easy and effective way to feel like you are making a small difference to your body.

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