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Summer Time Detox

What can summer offer you?
Summer is a great time to detox!
  Spring and summer offer nourishment from sunshine and rain.     Here are some tips that are available during spring and summer to help you detox!                        
  • First of all detox your skin!
  Buy an exfoliator brush and regularly brush your body do this to dry skin. It will help remove dead skin, increase lymphatic flow helping to reduce cellulite, weight loss and circulation. Extra tip: moisturise with Douvall’s argan oil afterwards to replenish the new skin.                        
  • Secondly exercise
  Every morning start with stretching and gentle yoga moves to get you blood pumping. Try to exercise throughout the day walking everywhere and always using the stairs.                          
  • Thirdly spring foods
  Edible weeds are a great detoxifier these include dandelion and nettles. The chlorophyll in the weeds helps to repair cells and in turn our skin and hair.   Don’t forget to use SPF in the sunshine! images
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