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Summer body and Glowing skin cleanse

How to get your summer body and glowing skin in just 5 days!

This five day cleanse through diet, exercise and skincare its simple and you can do it yourself at home!
Follow this diet plan with variations day by day and you will see and feel the result.
First thing in the morning:
Drink cleansing water, best with citrous fruits and light greens. A simple and easy drink is Lemon and hot water. or Lemon with light greens such as horsetail, nettles, dandelion root/leaves and cleavers.
Start with have a light breakfast such as chia seeds or muesli and then move onto just having a green smoothie for breakfast.
Citrus shot, a shot of citrous fruits such as orange and lemon with oregano oil.image2-2
light salad and vegetables, with a sauce that dose not contain sugar, dairy or any other nasties.
Mid afternoon:
Glow juice, a juice made up of orange, carrot and ginger.image1
sweet potato and courgette spaghetti with tomato sauce. Thinly slice sweet potato, courgette, carrot, peppers and any other veg you would like. add herbs, olives and a healthy tomato sauce. (you can vary it up by adding other sauces or ingredients that are vegetables and leafy greens)
Apple and Fennel Juice. Blend Fennel, apple, pear, celery and spinach together.
Late evening:
Herbal tea, a non-decafinated herbal tea. Preferably one that is a detoxifying tea.image3
With variation on meals and playing with ingredients this five day plan is simple and easy to do. It will show results in now time.
Using this cleanse with Douvalls skincare will improve your skin, to get that summer body and glow try our cleanse!
At Douvall’s we have noticed our skin becoming clearer, including acne. Energy is increased and allowing for more productivity in the day. Our bodies are more toned and the exercise is showing more results.
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