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Soaps are back IN! Why soaps are the way forward.

Soaps are back IN! Douvalls All-natural Cleansing Bars.  Cleansing, nourishing and eco-friendly! Nature provides the answer! A reaction towards commercial soaps containing tons of harsh chemicals and plastic packaging. Our soaps are safe to use, sustainable, no nasties, cruelty free, plastic packaging free, fair trade and giving back.  Facial Soap Bars: Gentle and loving soap for your face to cleanse, balance skin and hydrate  without leaving you feeling tight or dry. Packed with natures goodness. Cleansing Exfoliating and Hydrating. Body Soap Bars: Core ingredients of virgin Olive oil, first cold pressed Argan Oil, Cocoa Butter and Coconut oil to hydrate and re-nourish skin. Leaves skin super soft and clean. Cleansing hydrating and deodorising.  Shampoo and Conditioner Bars: Healthy nourishment from roots to tips. Conditioner bars = 8 bottles of liquid conditioner. Shampoo bars = 5 bottles of liquid shampoo. How to use: Wet hair and the shampoo bar. Slide shampoo bar from the root to the tips. Lather soap to hair and rinse off well. Use Douvall’s Argan oil to condition and de-frizz ends after washing and between washes. Perfect for traveling light!

Packed with botanical extracts and essential oils for aromatherapy and skin benefits. 

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