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Raw Vegan Chocolate Brownie cake

This easy and delicious recipe  allows you to enjoy chocolate and not feel bad!

This is a really rich recipe but surprisingly it can be eaten by people who are trying to lose weight; just be careful not to eat too much.


One and a half cups of really raw cashews
One half cup carob powder or cocoa powder
One quarter cup walnuts
Three quarters of a cup of shredded coconut
One quarter cup olive oil
One tea spoon Celtic sea salt
Four  medjool dates
Half a cup of raisins, plump and juicy
One Hass avocado
One half cup sweetener of your choice
Pinch of vanilla bean or vanilla essence


Vitamix blender and Food Processor


  1. Place the one and a half cups of cashews in the Vita-mix and blend down to a powder with a pinch of vanilla bean (Vanilla essence)
  1. Chop the dates as fine as possible and place them in the food processor.
  1. Pour the powdered cashews into the food processor with the chopped dates and add a quarter cup of carob or cocoa powder, a quarter tea spoon of Celtic Sea Salt, two tablespoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of sweetener. Process until well blended.
  1. Add one quarter cup of shredded coconut, one quarter cup of raisins, and one quarter cup chopped walnuts. Stir just enough to blend in but do not chop too fine, we want to retain the texture of the shredded coconut and the raisins.
  1. Then take the mixture and divide it in half and shape it on a plate like a large brownie. This is going to be a double stack brownie.
  1. On the next layer we are going to make a carob chocolate avocado icing.
  1. Take the avocado and place it in the Vitamix with two tablespoons of olive oil, one eighth teaspoon Celtic sea salt, one quarter cup sweetener, one quarter cup carob or cocoa powder and blend to a cream-like texture and spread thickly on the first layer of the brownie.
  1. Then place another layer of brownie on top of the icing and now we are gong to create a coconut crumb icing for the very top layer.
  1. Place half a cup of shredded coconut in the food processor with a quarter cup of sweetener, two table spoons of olive oil, and one eighth teaspoon Celtic sea salt.
  1. Chop until well blended and then stir in the rest of the raisins and spread on top of the second stack of the brownie.
You can then serve with the raw ice cream recipe. This is a great meal for kids. I say meal because this is not empty calories; it is totally dense with high energy nutrients. You can vary the amount of each of the ingredients to suit your own personal taste. It is a great dessert to serve for non raw vegan guests also.
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