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Raw Vegan Chocolate Brownie cake

This easy and delicious recipe  allows you to enjoy chocolate and not feel bad!

This is a really rich recipe but surprisingly it can be eaten by people who are trying to lose weight; just be careful not to eat too much.


One and a half cups of really raw cashews
One half cup carob powder or cocoa powder
One quarter cup walnuts
Three quarters of a cup of shredded coconut
One quarter cup olive oil
One tea spoon Celtic sea salt
Four  medjool dates
Half a cup of raisins, plump and juicy
One Hass avocado
One half cup sweetener of your choice
Pinch of vanilla bean or vanilla essence


Vitamix blender and Food Processor


  1. Place the one and a half cups of cashews in the Vita-mix and blend down to a powder with a pinch of vanilla bean (Vanilla essence)
  1. Chop the dates as fine as possible and place them in the food processor.
  1. Pour the powdered cashews into the food processor with the chopped dates and add a quarter cup of carob or cocoa powder, a quarter tea spoon of Celtic Sea Salt, two tablespoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of sweetener. Process until well blended.
  1. Add one quarter cup of shredded coconut, one quarter cup of raisins, and one quarter cup chopped walnuts. Stir just enough to blend in but do not chop too fine, we want to retain the texture of the shredded coconut and the raisins.
  1. Then take the mixture and divide it in half and shape it on a plate like a large brownie. This is going to be a double stack brownie.
  1. On the next layer we are going to make a carob chocolate avocado icing.
  1. Take the avocado and place it in the Vitamix with two tablespoons of olive oil, one eighth teaspoon Celtic sea salt, one quarter cup sweetener, one quarter cup carob or cocoa powder and blend to a cream-like texture and spread thickly on the first layer of the brownie.
  1. Then place another layer of brownie on top of the icing and now we are gong to create a coconut crumb icing for the very top layer.
  1. Place half a cup of shredded coconut in the food processor with a quarter cup of sweetener, two table spoons of olive oil, and one eighth teaspoon Celtic sea salt.
  1. Chop until well blended and then stir in the rest of the raisins and spread on top of the second stack of the brownie.
You can then serve with the raw ice cream recipe. This is a great meal for kids. I say meal because this is not empty calories; it is totally dense with high energy nutrients. You can vary the amount of each of the ingredients to suit your own personal taste. It is a great dessert to serve for non raw vegan guests also.
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Spring Has Sprung

Go exploreSpring has sprung here in London Town! It’s time to swap those wellies for trainers and head outdoors for some sunshine. Whether you’re into running or just exploring, here are a few local green spaces you should check out this spring:

The iconic Hyde Park is great for lengthy runs and enjoying river views as well as people watching.   Hampstead Heath is chock full of overgrown greenery, hills and trails; some paved, others are all natural. Regents Park is much more clean cut and manicured; It’s an ideal place to get some peace and quiet in the midst of Central London. Here’s a suggestion for all you sight seers out there- If you run through Green Park  you will eventually pass by Buckingham Palace, then you can finish your jog in St. James Park. Last but certainly not least;  Battersea Park is a gorgeous and spacious park just south of the Thames that is perfect for running.

Let us know your favourite park in London!

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Making your own Hair Products!

If you really want to be sure your cosmetics are natural and organic why not try making some.                                                                                                         This can also be a great family activity and can save you money.                                                                                                                                                         Some great alternative tips to shampoos that really do work and are definitely better than any shampoo.                      


  1. Washing with eggs  (make sure the water is not too hot when washing with eggs, keep it at a cool/slightly warm as otherwise you may make scrambled eggs.)
  1. Baking soda (2 table spoons) mixed with warm water. (your hair will feel rough at first but when dry will be soft)
  1. Lemon and cucumber (mashed/juiced with bits) The lemon is cleansing for the scalp while the cucumber is soothing. For oily hair add more lemon for dry scalp add more cucumber.

    For extra softness and repair add a small amount of argan oil into these remedies. Your hair may feel rough at first and it may not seem to work, however this is due to the silicone left in the hair from past shampoos. It will take about two weeks of washing to remove these silicones from the hair, after two-three weeks your hair should feel smoother and in better condition.                                                                                                                                     Eggs are used as they are high in protein and have lots of antioxidants that your hair needs to stay healthy and long.                        

Masks for hair

  1. 2 eggs and argan oil – mask for long hair and to repair damaged hair
  1. Coconut milk, Coconut oil,  1 egg and argan oil
  1. Aloe vera, yogart, and argan oil
                                                                                                                                        (Massage the mask into your hair and leave for 2o-60 minutes)                          

Tips for long and smooth hair thats in good condition long-hairstyles-wide-U-shaped-back

  1. Brush with a wide tooth comb, this will prevent hair being pulled out and snapping. Also be gently with your hair when brushing, it helps to run your fingers through your hair to remove larger knots first.
  1. Try not to use any heat on your hair, including hair dryer, straighteners or curlers. If you need to style your hair with heat use a hair dryer and  let your hair dry naturally first until only slightly damp. Also use rollers and keep them in to create nice waves or curls without heat.
  1. Wear a swimming cap when swimming or keep hair out of chlorinated waters as that can damage your hair.
  1. Massage your hair as much as possible as this causes blood to circulate better and stimulates growth.
  1. Oil the scalp regularly with argan oil, this will increase growth, shine, softness, health of hair and thickness.
  1. Regularly have your hair cut to remove split ends so they do not split further up your hair.
  1. Try and stay out of direct sunlight, mainly on holidays as can dry out your hair.
  1. Most importantly a healthy diet will improve your hair condition. Your hair does reflect your diet.
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Raw Vegan Mint Chocolates

We want to share with you are recipe for Raw vegan chocolate which is in our opinion the best chocolate in the world!
Best of all its good for you!
We use coconut nectar but if you find it hard to obtain this you can use agave necter or Raw honey.
Please tell us what you think of this recipe ! I hope you agree its totally delicious!!
8  to 10 drops of  peppermint cooking oil
1  and a 1/4 cups of melted Chocolate (recipe below)
For the Chocolate
1 cup of cacao butter
2.5  cups of cacao powder
1 cup of coconut nectar (or your agave/honey)
1 tablespoon of vanilla bean powder
a pinch of sea salt
(this makes 4.5  cups)
  1. Melt the cacao butter by placing it in a dish surrounded by hot water or in your dehydrator/ cooker above a pot of boiled water.
  2. In a high speed blender, blend the melted cacao butter with the cacao powder, coconut nectar, vanilla bean powder, and salt. Use while warm to make chocolates or as a sauce.
  3. Mix the peppermint oil thoroughly into the melted chocolate, then pour the melted chocolate into 10 cups of your polycarbonate heart mould tray (if you don’t have it, use small baking tray for chocolate bark).
  4. Refrigerate for 25-30 minutes to harden the chocolate. Gently knock the tray upside down against a clean work surface.
  5. put them back in the fridge, covered until ready to serve.
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Energy good or bad?

On the one hand you have a cup of coffee. On the other hand you have a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.  fakerealenergy
These are both ways to boost your energy. But the coffee gives you energy through sending a drug called caffeine (along with other toxins, like acrylamides formed in the coffee bean roasting process) through your veins. This then speeds up your body in order to get rid of the drug. This is how stimulants work.
                  Feeling speedy makes you feel like you have energy. But eliminating the drug from your body is actually extra work for your body to do, causing you to become more tired in the long run.  
The orange juice gives you energy in the form of natural fruit sugar, water, vitamins, minerals, fiber, phenols and phytonutrients.
                        According to the USDA, the nutrients in fruit can help reduce the risks of heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and other diseases.                                                          
Read on here… 
                enjoy! JinjeeTheGardenDiet.com              
Raw Program Schedule…
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New Year New You

So its the start of another year, we all start with great exspectations that usually fall to the way side. well here is the solution.
Don’t see a failure to  not eat right or exercise as falling off the band wagon, see it as a work in progress.
Don’t follow a ‘Diet’ as this is destined to fail, change your eating habits for good, and if once in a while you ‘cheat’ that’s okay!
Go Raw !  Just adding raw to your diet at some degree will change your life for the better, you will feel more energy, vitality, better skin, hair,  nails and a sense of well being.
Cut out alcohol, caffeine, and cigerettes, I know you hear it all the time but even for  just a trial period you will see a positive result. (at least 30 days though as it takes 30 days to break a habit)
Don’t be tempted by the super market 3 for 2 offer or deals on junk food. You can’t put a price on good health!
Surprisingly there is also another hidden highly addictive substances that most of us our addicted to, ie bread, wheat contains a natural opiate that many people are addicted to because of its sedative effect. So cut this out too ! It does no favours for our diets, it bloats us and causes a loss  of energy.
Sugar is another no no, its highly acidic which causes stress which then causes acidity.
Write lists and Plan!
Plan your diet, write a clear list of what you will allow yourself and what you wont. This may sound silly but it really helps!
To start with (and I’ve been there) natural foods will taste like cardboard and tasteless, that’s because we have been so used to the heightened flavour enhancers in junk food. But stick with it, see every meal as fuel not fun until  eventually you will start to taste the real flavours of fruit and vegetables again, which actually taste incrediable if you give them a chance!
Buy organic where possible as they taste better, and are a lot better for you. Why? no nasty chemicals added that make the fruit and veg look good but taste of nothing. One good example of this I find is strawberries! Ever tasted a supermarket strawberry that’s flown in from some far away country? Yep, might as well be eating my desk (probably more flavour in my desk).
Mother nature knows best, work with her to achieve your dream body and face, the results will out stand you, you will feel better than you have ever been and more.
Post your comments here, we would love to hear from you and support you through !Rawfoodpyramid-2

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Vegan Month competition

To help celebrate Vegan month we are giving away five travel sets to the first five lucky winner, who answer this question: Where did Alicia first discover argan oil? Applicants are welcome from all over the world as we will post out the Travel sets. Leave answers posted on the blog in the comments section and we will get back to you via email for your postage address. Ultimate Argan Travel Set 
Cleanse, moisturise and bronze skin with our best selling organic, natural Argan infused products in a handy travel size kit. Douvall’s non greasy 100% natural All-in-one Argan Oil Cleanser removes make up, even stubborn mascara and daily grime and is also an age defying moisturiser, leaving skin nourished, never tight or dry. Douvall’s nourishing Argan Bronzing Oil gives you a healthy moisturised glow all year round without the harmful effects of the sun. Douvall’s Organic Argan Oil Moisturiser is light enough to use on your face as well as an intensely nourishing body moisturiser. CONTAINS: Douvall’s Organic Argan Oil Moisturiser ℮ 15ml. 0.5fl .oz., Douvall’s All-in-one Argan Oil Cleanser ℮ 20ml. 0.67fl .oz. and Douvall’s Argan Bronzing Oil ℮ 15ml. 0.5fl .oz. Worth £26.00
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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween or as some call honouring the past. Halloween can also be celebrated as ‘Samhain’ meaning summers end. It also marks the passing of the celtic year. Halloween/Samhain was a day when we sought the healing, blessing and honoured the gifts of our ancestors. It is also considered as a time when the ‘veil’ between life and death is at it’s thinnest, where we can access the, ‘other side’ through awe and respect. It gives a chance for ‘lost souls’ to seek peace and renewal. The Carved pumpkins and other lanterns are to honour the migration of souls. By celebrating Halloween we can accept our past and others therefore letting us live in the present. The tradition has somewhat been lost due to our fear of death, however, Samhain allows us to reclaim and explore the past deaths in our lives. Now is a great opportunity to talk of our ancestors, their great lives and triumphant moments. Here at Douvall’s we are having a small party, carving pumpkins and eating healthy raw vegan goodies. Tell us how you are celebrating your Halloween on twitter or facebook.halloween   .
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World Vegan Month in November!

Next month is a great opportunity to try new things, if you’re vegan or if you’re not.

Vegan for those who are not sure is not eating or using animal products.
  You could try the vegan pledge for a week! It is a challenge, but trust me you will feel healthier afterwards. On the website below you can have someone who will support you through your vegan pledge wether it is 7 days or 30 days. This month is for your body, mind and spirit. learn about new foods, clothes and more that will taste and look amazing.     (more…)
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Cancer Research Month

Finally Breast Cancer Awareness month is here!

Douvall’s has paired up with The Haven, to support breast cancer.
It is a great opportunity for us and other women, as our company is based on women helping women.
We hope you buy our Douvall’s breast cancer awareness Argan Oil that we have in 100ml and 50ml. The best part is that you pay the same price and we give 10% to The Haven.
This is a brilliant project for us and we hope you get involved while you can this month only!
Douvall’s is available in Harrods (5th flr. Urban Retreat), Boots Urban Retreat in Kingston, On Douvall’s website and on BidUp TV.
We have heard some amazing stories from people that gained support from The Haven and we would love to hear your’s too. So let us know on Twitter or Facebook.  
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