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I tried the Douvall’s Eye Serum, and it WORKS !

Hello Darlings,


Last month we came out with our new product “Argan Active Protection” which is targeted at revitalizing and hydrating your skin around your eyes. We asked participants that range from ages 21 to 76 to test our eye serum and to answer a survey regarding the proficiency of the product. Every single one of them has answered yes to seeing results after 24 hours and yes to seeing lasting effects after 2 months of using the serum. This is a product we are truly proud of as it heals the negative feelings we have when we see ourselves in the mirror and see a “tired”, “wrinkly”, “aging” person.


The ingredients are all natural and organic, and their combination creates a rapid “lift” effect which actively works all day. Slowly the Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, Leaf Juice Powder, Citrus Oil, Argan Leaf Oil, seeps into the dermis to nourish, plumps the skin.


A lot of today’s eye products are way too heavy for such a thin layer of skin around your eyes. They are also full of harmful chemicals and non-natural products which in fact fastens the aging of the skin as it is forced to reproduce its cells too fast, which then tired out your cells, creating fine lines and skin damage.


Here is an image of a client before and after trying out the product. She saw rapid and effective changes. Her skin felt different, tightened, and nourished. She also used Argan Oil on the rest of her face throughout the day for full protection.




Argan Oil is full of delicious nutrients and vitamins that balance the moisture perfectly in your skin, and nourish it and protect it from harmful chemicals. So it is no surprise that a more intense argan based serum would work natural miracles.


Summer is here and everyone will be snapping pics in the sun, so get your face and your eyes protected and look youthful and revitalized !




Alicia Douvall

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Yoga and Argan Oil

Dear reader,

I want to start off with a quote from Amit Ray a yogi who has inspired thousands across the globe.

“Meditation is a way for nourishing and blossoming the divinity within you.”


We are all divine beings, whether you see yourself as a creation of a god or a ball of energy and light, there is a strong power that you withhold which affects all other beings around you. In order to help ourselves from attaining deep savasana and to simply be a source of goodness, calm and love we should all be incorporating yoga in our daily routine. This practice goes beyond the physical benefits of stretching to simply be more flexible.  The practice of yoga is essential to learn how to JUST BE. You can learn how to really connect with your breath, heartbeat, muscles, joints, pain, relief, stretch, and most importantly, your mind. You learn how to know your body and essentially yourself. One can see how far the mind will release itself and let you focus on each pose as it flows into another one.


Photographer Credit : Ed Reeve

After a yoga class, you feel light, airy, cleansed, directed with a goal. You send your energy upwards in hope that it will affect someone or something in the most positive way. Yoga is rooted with meditation. What keeps us going back is not only so that we can perfect our squatting goddess, or our transition from warrior 3 into our half moon. What keeps us going back is so that we can achieve all these difficult poses while achieving the art of meditation. It is a very hard thing to do, but it is addicting and you feel so immensely PROUD of yourself everytime you manage to release and achieve a pose you have been trying to perfect or months.

This year we have been practicing HOTPOD YOGA in London and it is the absolute best. They set up the pod so that it remains at 37 degrees and there are humidifiers which really help warm your body up so that can get get deeper into all the stretches and poses. You sweat A LOT but you advance a lot more. On top of that your skin sheds so you feel like a soft baby after class.

You can incorporate skin care into your yoga. We have applied lots of argan oil onto your scalp and all over our hair, as well as on our skin before the class. The heat will help open all the follicles and let the oil seep deeper into your pores so that your can feel more nourished and moisturized. We all love having glossy, shiny and strong hair so it is def worth looking like a greaseball for a few hours. So if you love yoga as much as we do and you love argan oil, mesh both and you will be the healthiest yogi out there!

We love to hear your comments,

Lots of love,


Alicia Douvall

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Palm Oil is OUR problem

Every hour 300 football fields of precious remaining forest is lost in Malaysia and Indonesia to make way for palm oil plantations.

Most of us have heard of the major crisis related to palm oil and orangutans. There is a project you can hop on board with called “The Orangutan Project” which is doing everything it can to save these endangered species by stopping the cutting down of palm oil trees.


Here is their project:

“Indonesia is home to some of the most rich and biodiverse rainforest in the world.

It contains over 80 endemic species and some of the world’s most unique and iconic endangered wildlife such as the orangutan, elephant and tiger.

But these animals are in grave danger.

Every hour 300 football fields of precious remaining forest is being ploughed to the ground across South East Asia to make way for palm oil plantations.

Palm oil is used in everything from snack foods to soaps. It is found in over half all packaged items on our supermarket shelves.

In the last 20 years, over 3.5 million hectares of Indonesian and Malaysian forest have been destroyed to make way for palm oil.

Almost 80% of orangutan habitat has disappeared in the last 20 years.

We are losing over 6,000 orangutans a year.

There are now only 400 Sumatran tigers left in the world.

We must stop this devastation in its tracks.

Take action today before it’s too late.”



Now what is really going on?  

Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil in the world, having even surpassed soya in terms of usage. Surging global demand for palm oil has fueled massive forest destruction throughout Indonesia and Malaysia, countries that together account for 85% of the world’s palm oil production. Surprisingly palm oil is used in cosmetics and toiletries. On top of that it is an important ingredient in the manufacture of soaps, shampoos, detergents, and toothpaste. Increasingly, palm oil is used as a biofuel. Such a demand that keeps increasing, especially in biofuel will only further the extinction of species living in these forests.

Investigators have found that orangutans and other animals have been chased away from palm oil plantations in East Kalimantan, adding up to over 800 having been killed in only two years. How is it that mankind can continually keep sweeping out other species (and its own as a matter of fact) for manufacturing demands? Because these killings have not stopped and the men carrying out these killings see these animals as vermine, some workers have targeted great apes which are in great danger. “Some workers found an orangutan on the plantation,” he said. “The company paid them $100 (£64) for it. I don’t know what the company did with the ape, but they want them gone because they see them as pests.” (BBC)

“They will go extinct in the wild in perhaps five years,” said Arfiana Khairunnisa

How is this oil produced ?

There is a bright orange fruit hidden in the leaves of the palm tree. The fruit is jacked open and the oil is taken from the kernels inside.

Oil palms are able to produce fruit for harvest within 4 to 6 years of planting, if fertilized well. Life expectancy is 28 to 30 years on average, at which point they are usually 40 feet / 12 metres high and it becomes too hard to harvest the heavy fruit bundles using extension poles. The palms are injected with pesticide, which kills the tree from within, and eventually they get bulldozed in order to make room for new oil palms. When the fruit is picked it is brought to a processing facility where the fruit must be softened before anything can be done. The first step is to ‘cook’ them for one hour with high-pressure, high-temperature steam (300 psi, 140 degrees Celsius). Once the fruit is steamed the kernel separates from the shell and becomes soft and oily which is then pressed.

There are many ways you can help fight this battle against palm oil. The first one is easy, simply check your ingredients on the packaging of what you are buying. AVOID palm oil and tell your friends about it. Companies will be hurt financially by the lack of consumerism of their products. This can cause for them to switch up their recipe. Second, do some research. It is so easy to find foundations that you can help by either contributing to their cause, or signing petitions, or go on a plantation and protest.

Argan Oil has not shown any signs of endangering our planet. It is a great substitute for many oil in cooking and for cosmetics. Stick to cruelty free and natural products.

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Summer is close and so is the sun

Hi there,

Summer is getting close and we are starting to feel those sun rays on our body. With global warming being an actual thing (sorry Trump “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”) we need to pay extra attention to our skin in order to protect it. What most of us do when we take our clothes off and run off into the ocean is apply sunscreen to prevent UV rays from damaging our skin. What we do not know is how dangerous sunscreen is to our body.

According to research from the EWG: Our review…shows that some sunscreen ingredients absorb into the blood, and some have toxic effects. Some release skin-damaging free radicals in sunlight, some act like estrogen and disrupt hormones, and several can cause allergic reactions and skin irritation. The FDA has not established rigorous safety standards for sunscreen ingredients. Sunscreens haven’t been regulated since 1978 in the USA, and the SPF factor only tells you how effective a sunscreen is against UVB rays which cause sunburn.

Here is a small list of effects post use of big sunscreen brands:

  • Absorb into the blood

  • Release free radicals in sunlight

  • Act like estrogen

  • Disrupt hormones

  • Cause allergic reactions

  • Cause skin irritation

  • Have no rigorous safety standards

It is important to not become afraid of the sun, as it is essential to a healthy lifestyle. The sun is the most important source of Vitamin D3. Only 20 minutes of direct sunlight, can help your body naturally generates enough Vitamin D3 which naturally helps boost the immune system, help fight cancer and improve mood.

If you are going to be exposed to the sun for more than 20 min, we highly recommend that you start out of the sun from around noon to 2 pm as that is the peak of the strength of the rays. We also recommend you use natural sunscreen that is harm free for your body and the environment. Just think of all the chemicals you are releasing in the ocean or lakes when you apply chemically filled sunscreens.

That is why we have come up with our own natural argan oil based sunscreen which not only protects your skin but keeps it moisturized as well.

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Is Your Lipstick Full Of Cancer Causing Metals?


I was very upset when I found out that my MAC lipstick was full of harmful metals and chemicals. I love the way it lasts, smells, feels and looks on me; however I had to put into question whether I was willing to put at risk my health for looks. I therefore dove into “research mode” and was astonished to find that a lot of beauty products don’t even go through any testing from the government before they are allowed to be put on store shelves.

Our skin absorbs everything that it comes in contact with, be it pollution, radiation, UV rays, oils and makeup. These elements then end up in our bloodstream, thus polluting the entirety of our bodies. They also clog our pores, which are essential to let the skin breathe and rejuvenate. Pores are your body’s way of staying clean. Even though what comes out looks absolutely gross, what you see is actually your sebaceous glands which acts like glue in order to grab onto dead skin cells. This “glue” is the excreted from the body through the pores to help you maintain healthy skin. The problem we all go though occasionally is build-up. Your pores clog  because your glands will continue to produce oil with no way to release the excess. Makeup and pollution cause that extra oil are all root causes of clogged pimples and unhealthy skin.


Our bodies are living and breathing organism that should be nourished and taken care of with natural and organic products, because in the end, we are what we absorb. When you apply lipstick, you could be absorbing high quantities of lead and harmful chemicals. Next time you apply, take a quick look at the ingredients and see if your lipstick contains lead, arsenic, cadmium, beryllium, mercury and thallium.

    Here is what you need to know about these metals:  

Lead is a soft blue-gray metal that is dense and very stable and resistant to corrosion. exposure can cause many physiological and neurological problems such as toxic stress on the kidney, hypertension, dizziness ,diminished sperm counts, fertility, lethargy, fatigue, forgetfulness, diminished reaction time and cognitive performance, decreased libido and depression.

Arsenic is a combination of oxygen, chlorine and sulfur. It is known to be a human carcinogen, that affects the skin, digestive system, liver, nervous system and the lungs. Absorbing high quantities of arsenic can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, blood in the urine, cramping muscles, hair loss, stomach pains.

Cadmium is a byproduct of zinc production and is one of the top toxic elements that in absorbed on a daily basis. It is a silver, white malleable metal that is soft enough to be cut by a knife. It is often used to pigments, coating, and as a stabilizer for plastics. Cadmium is absorbed in the body for a lifetime and is toxic to the kidney. It can cause bone demineralization, impair lung function thus increasing the risk of lung cancer.

Beryllium is classified as a Group 1- Carcinogenic to humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. It is a lightweight metal that melts very easily, strong, and has great electrical conductivity. Often used to make thermal coatings, nuclear reactors, rocket head shields, x-ray tubes, and brakes. (However it is ok in the FDA’s eyes that we apply this on our bodies…) The metal attacks the lungs, liver, kidneys, heart, nervous system and is also linked to Beryllium Disease, which is deadly.

Mercury is a chemical often known as quicksilver because it is the only metallic element that is liquid at standard conditions for temperature and pressure. Mercury is used in thermometers, barometers, float valves, fluorescent lamps. Mercury is found in most fish on the market now, and ingesting it directly on your skin with lipstick for example can cause coughing, chest pains, vomiting, headaches, anxiety, anorexia, loss of appetite, irritability, tremors and the list goes on.

Thallium is a soft malleable gray metal found in trace amounts in the earth’s crusts. Today thallium is imported from thallium reserves. It is odorless and tasteless. Thallium was widely used in rat poisons and insecticides. Thallium poisoning results in nervous system problems, such as numbness in fingers and toes. It also causes vomiting, diarrhea, temporary hair loss, issues with the lungs, liver and kidneys.


I hope that after reading all of this you are as put off by toxic beauty products as I am. To help you here is a list of major brands to avoid, as they all contain harmful levels of these metals.

  • Maybelline

  • L’Oreal

  • Cover Girl

  • NARS

  • Stargazer

  • Revlon

  • Avon

  • Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer

We urge you to take care of your body and love you skin. Remember, you are what you absorb, and natural, organic products is the way to go. There are many healthy alternatives out there including our own lip and cheek oils. Douvall’s has worked hard to perfect their recipe for a beautiful, long lasting, and healthy lip and cheek oil. As its base, the argan oil ensures moisture and the natural ingredients in complement, ensure a healthy and beautiful look. Check out our videos on our facebook and youtube pages which go into greater detail about the 6 shades we offer https://www.facebook.com/douvalls/?fref=ts

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Donate your locks

This past week we have celebrated women’s day, which led to masses protesting, manifesting, and supporting equality between men and women, as well as give an initiative to further appreciate the beauty of women across the globe. By beauty, we mean the inner light and love, the courage, the greatness, the power, the strength, the caring and all giving that every woman holds.This day was also used to support women who struggle with body images, in order to remind us all how beautiful and unique we all are.

The power that we hold as women should be used to its maximum potential. We should therefore be helping each other as much as we can, and this can be done by giving back. In today’s day and age, more of us are being affected by cancer and other illnesses that cause hair loss. From radiation or chemotherapy, women can feel less beautiful. Wigs are often purchased in order to feel somewhat close to how they were before. There are several wonderful organizations that collect hair donated across the world, which turn the hair into wigs for cancer patients.

There are several conditions in order to donate your hair. It has to be a minimum of 8”, contain no dyes, bleaches or chemicals, and no more than 5% gray hairs. In order to prepare your hair well  for the donation, you must make sure you condition your hair regularly in order to keep it healthy and strong. Avoid brushing your hair when it is wet as well as blow drying.

A great way to keep your hair healthy, if you are interested in helping a woman feel beautiful during her time of pain and struggle, is to moisturize your hair with argan oil. Here are some benefits to using argan oil. Argan oil hydrates the hair in a natural way, making hair softer and reducing roughness. Argan oil penetrates into the hair shaft and enhances the elasticity of hair which helps prevent breakage. Natural antioxidants present in Argan oil strengthen the hair by repairing damage. The Vitamin E in Argan oil makes it a tremendous agent for hair treatment. Many external and internal agents like heat, over styling and oxidization damage the hair. Vitamin E present in Argan oil is very useful in restoring the natural hair and renewing and repairing the damage caused by heat, chemicals or other destructive agents.

Follow these links to find an organization that collects hair for cancer patients.








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False Advertising with Beauty

I would like to bring up a serious topic that deeply affect women around the world on a daily basis. We are constantly being fed the belief that we have to defy the natural process of ageing by using anti-wrinkle creams or botox. These beliefs are passed on through image form with models looking completely flawless as they have had every “impurity” removed with photoshop. As women, we can only dream of looking so “perfect” and we will therefore be brainwashed to believe that we have to use all these products, that are stuffed with toxic chemicals, on our body every day. We will do whatever it takes to defy nature.


Here is the issue with these campaigns. The models used are sometimes not over 30 and if they are they don’t look it. Studies have shown that magazines aimed at women over 40 very rarely show older women in them. The women instead are youthful, thin and wrinkle free. We believe overall that wrinkles are a trait to be ashamed of or to fear. We therefore end up thinking that something must be wrong with our bodies, and we self shame. When in fact, shouldn’t we be striving to love ourselves more and tell other women around us how beautiful they are?  We should not feel like we have to cover our faces with so much makeup if our intentions are to hide our real face. This is a real matter that affects women over 40 in a way that can cause eating disorders, low self esteem and loss of sexuality.


Young girls start applying anti-wrinkle cream on sometimes when they are only 16. What 16 year old has wrinkles? They believe that by using it now they will prevent wrinkles from forming early. In fact, they are SPEEDING up the process and WASTING their money. You see, these magic serums designed for older skins are often very heavy and can cause a lot of skin problems such as occlusive folliculitis (Sweat cannot escape from your clogged pores, thus causing itchy red lumps), redness, itchiness, flaking and your skin cells renewing too fast.

These creams are packed with retinoids and AHAs, which break down the top layer of your skin which increases the rate at which the skin renews itself. When you are young, you are corrupting the skin’s natural water-retaining protective function. These changes are PERMANENT on your skin and you cannot fix the damage. On top of that your skin will become a lot more sensitive to the sun, which will require more protection over all. ageingskin-large1-300x257 Instead of investing so much on these creams we suggest using natural products such as oils, which only boost your skin with vitamins. Very good oils to prevent or to combat wrinkles are rosehip and carrot seed serums, olive oil, apricot kernel oil, coconut butter and of course argan oil.

Argan Oil replenishes your skin with VitaminE, antioxidants and no many other yummy nutrients that leave your skin feeling soft, elastic, glowing, clear with no breakouts.

We are not all lucky enough to live a long life. This journey we are on is a gift and we should celebrate everyday we are on earth by loving every wrinkle, white hair that appears.

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Henna and Argan Oil : Two gifts from the earth we should all be using

Henna mehndi in Hindi has been an agent used for over 5000 years all over Pakistan, The Middle East, India and Africa. Henna derives from the plant Lawsonia genus. The pigmentation varies from plant to plant, yet usually always giving reddish orange tones, pale or extremely dark and black. Men and women have used its paste form to cool down their bodies from the high and rising temperatures; doing so by applying it to their feet and hands. From this practice, people were inspired by the idea of creating intricate and beautiful designs on the body because the henna temporarily dyed the skin. The dye soon became widely used as an alternative to cosmetics and jewellery in the Roman Empire, Ancient Egypt, the Arabian Peninsula and northern parts of Africa.  In today’s day and age, getting a henna tattoo is seen as a ‘cool’ thing to do when going abroad to places like Morocco. Henna also acts as a sun blocking agent, thus allowing the ability to create fun tan lines on your body.




Henna has been widely worked into the hair because of it’s many benefits, such as :

  • Glossy, voluminous hair

  • Rebalancing the Keratin found in your hair, thus making it healthier

  • Henna as a conditioner to protect the hair, and build a protective armour that seals the nutrients and moisture.

  • Free of chemicals, ammonia and toxins,

  • Balances the PH levels in your scalp, thus preventing dandruff

  • Boosts hair growth

Loads of us use hair dyes regularly in order to hide our white or grey roots, or to simply switch up our look. Have you ever taken the time to look at all the ingredients in your hair colouring treatments? What you apply on your hair will penetrate from your scalp into your bloodstream. Take a quick look at the harmful agents that you could be applying to your body:

In order to get a permanent dye in your hair, many brands use a combination of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide which bleach out the natural colour, release oxygen and  break down the outer cuticle around the hair shaft. These two chemicals can irritate your skin and cause allergic reactions. Other ingredients to be aware of are : ethanolamine, resorcinol, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, preservatives, lead acetate (neurotoxin and carcinogen that have long term effects on your health), para-phenylenediamine (PPD), toluene-2,5-diamine, and sulfates.

Why not opt for a more natural, safe and cheaper way? What is so striking about the henna powder is that you can mix it up with pretty much anything you want to mix your look up and play with different effects. You can use, lemon, coffee, tea, honey, bay leaf, coriander, black pepper and other roots. Henna is safe to use for every type of hair, whether it has already been dyed, or bleached, or never touched. Also, think about how you are helping your hair to grow on top of making it look shiny, glossy and healthy.


Let’s talk about how to prepare your natural, vegan, organic and healthy homemade hair dye.

First you will want to select what shade you want your hair to be. You have to remember that henna is simply coating your hair, rather than replacing your natural color; you will therefore result with a combination of your natural color and the henna. A good tip is to select a shade lighter than the color you are hoping to achieve; this way you can go darker with more applications. If you decide to reapply, allow 72 hours between your applications, to allow the henna to properly oxidize. If you get a henna tattoo, the artist will always tell you that the design will stand out more two days later. It’s the same concept here. Take a look at the color charts below:



You want to use a non-metallic bowl and a wooden or plastic spoon, and here’s how much powder you should use: For fine, short hair, use 3.5oz. (4 heaping tablespoons) — For shoulder-length hair, use 4.5oz. (6 heaping tablespoons) — For thick, shoulder-length hair, use 9oz. (8 heaping tablespoons) — For very, long, thick hair, use 17oz. (16 heaping tablespoons).

Mix the henna in a bowl with warm water. NOT HOT, OR YOU WILL DISSOLVE THE PROPERTIES of the henna. My Egyptian friend who is a professional henna artist suggests adding lemon juice to the mix in order to enhance the pigmentation. Finish with a teaspoon of argan oil.

Cover the bowl with a damp towel and let it sit overnight. Do not skip this step or the process will not work to its full potential.

Put on rubber gloves and apply the henna mixture to dry hair. Work henna into hair and then pile it on the top of your head. Wrap hair with aluminium foil to seal natural body heat. I suggest leaving it in for four hours or more. The longer you leave it on, the deeper the color at the end. If you want lighter reddish tones, leave it on for less time.


Why mix with argan oil :

Argan Oil is packed with vitamin A and vitamin E, Omega-6 unsaturated fats, and linoleic corrosive. The moroccan nut’s oils tames frizz, secure against the warmth of hair dryers, hair irons. The Oil replenishes your hair follicles with everything it needs to stay strong and healthy. The Oil enhances a natural shine. Therefore mixing the henna that makes your hair silky and shiny and smooth with an oil that benefits in the same ways will only ensure incredible results. I suggest adding argan oil to your hair after your have rinsed out the henna. Avoid washing your hair for two-three days after your henna treatment. Let it act as a mask to guarantee beautiful hair.


Yours truly,

Alicia Douvall

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The Power of Turmeric and Argan Oil

Douvall stands strongly with their policy of remaining natural, organic and healthy. This means taking good care of our bodies inside and out, and avoiding chemicals that can harm us. As winter is just around the corner and our skins are become more fragile from the cold, and wind and the blasting heat in our homes. This is why we have decided to share with you one of the ingredients we use to purify and cleanse our bodies.

Turmeric if you have not heard of it yet, contains curcumin which is an ingredient that has amazing properties and delivers positive results when used to fight inflammations. It is also an excellent antioxidant, which explains why scientists are exploring its potential in fighting cancer. The spice has been very widely used in India for centuries, not only in cuisine but also in face masks.


Turmeric can be ingested as well as applied on the skin. Here are some of the benefits for the skin:

  • softens the skin and reduces swelling (and puffiness!)

  • Turmeric is high in antioxidants that slow down cell damage.

  • It’s widely used as a skin exfoliant and improves skin’s texture.

  • It helps with inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne, dry skin, psoriasis and eczema.

  • It helps reduce pigmentation and even out the skin tone.

  • It is also said to diminish the appearance of wrinkles.


We’ve read some amazing stories about how turmeric masks have helped men and women get rid of their acne completely. Apply the turmeric paste 2-3 times a week for two months and your results should show rapidly. It removes the bacteria that cause inflammation and remove excessive oil from the skin. Many of us have scars that have formed from acne, and turmeric will also aide in reducing the scarring.



1 Tsp Turmeric powder

1 T Tsp Argan Oil

1 Tsp Honey

2 Tbsp Milk (almond or coconut)

Mix all ingredients until you get a soft paste. Apply to face or are with inflammation, and let rest for 15 to 40 min.


Another great way to use turmeric and argan oil is to remove dandruff.  Apply 1/2 Tbsp of turmeric powder with 2 Tbsp of Argan Oil to your scalp and leave for 15 min. Remove with natural shampoo. This process should definitely help keep your dandruff at bay.

Beware, Always use pure genuine turmeric powder, if you want to avoid stains. Good quality turmeric will enhance the glow and brightness of your face; especially if you add some lemon to it.


Now why use argan oil to complement the turmeric rather than any other oil ?


Argan oil has many properties when applied as a mask that other oils will not deliver. Argan Oil is packed with antioxidants, Vitamin E, and essential fatty acids. Not only does it hydrate and nourish dry skin, it also protects the skin from free radicals. On the other side, on top of being a great moisturizer, it will not grease up oily skin. This is important because many of us avoid using oil as a moisturizer if we feel our skin is already too “shiny”. Argan Oil in a way manages oil production in our body. Because the argan oil controls your skin oils, it allows it to be more elastic and to therefore promote a rapid growth of the cells, thus creating an anti aging effect.

What if you do not have the time to make and apply a mask?

Turmeric as stated previously can be used many a ways. If you do not have the time to make a mask, try sprinkling a little bit into your daily or nightly moisturizer. Throughout the day and night, the powder will be acting on your skin and naturally enhance the glow of your skin. It’s a great easy and effective way to feel like you are making a small difference to your body.

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Throw Away Your Toxic Cosmetics

If you are reading this, you have taken an important step in making your lifestyle just a little more healthier. Many of us using Douvall’s natural argan oil products are looking for a natural and healthy way to take care of our skin. Using a skin care products that has no carcinogens or lead is very important, however, what happens if everything else you apply and ingest is not natural?

Have you looked at the ingredients in your shampoo lately? Or your lipstick? Even your toothpaste which is directly ingested? Do they say “natural”? More often than not, you have to double check what you are buying, because labels can be deceiving. There are carcinogenic toxins and chemicals in most of your beauty products. The FDA has not required cosmetic companies to implement safety and health regulations.

What is the point of trying to look more “beautiful” if it means putting your health at stake, thus causing your skin to age faster and absorbing cancer causing chemicals?

Researchers have found that women wear about 515 chemicals daily on their body. What is applied is absorbed into our system in less than 26 seconds. Our skin is what we as a society take care of the most because we feel more confident with a healthy glow, rosy cheeks, and clear skin. The fact that we are told to drink two to three liters of water a day, is to keep our body and skin moisturised and balanced. Therefore, we should strive to keep our skin healthy and the natural way is the only way you will see a permanent long term change.

If you are a man, and you are trying to be conscious of what you put on your body, watch out. A lot of products cause a hormonal imbalance, which many decrease the amount of testosterone in your body.


Let’s go together through a list of common ingredients found in pretty much all non organic skincare products:

Phthalates is a chemical that harshly interferes in the hormonal production. The guardian (https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2015/feb/10/phthalates-plastics-chemicals-research-analysis )  wrote the it was linked to asthma, ADHD, breast cancer, obesity, type II diabetes, autism spectrum disorders, reproductive and neurological damage, a decrease in male fertility and premature delivery. This chemical can be found under the name “fragrance” and acts as a binding agent.

Lead, arsenic, mercury, aluminum, zinc and chromium are found in lipsticks, foundation, eyeliner, nail color, blush, eye drops, whitening toothpaste. Exposure to these metals have strong effects on your health such as reproductive, immune and nervous system toxicity. A certain level of metals is necessary to regulate the functions of the body, however an accumulation of them can have severe consequences.

PEG Compounds,Polyethylene glycols, or PEGs are petroleum based compounds that are used for thickening, soften and gelatinize cosmetics. These are found in most cream based products. It is a carcinogen, that harms the nervous system and human development and have been found as a cause for cancer.

Petrolatum, also called Petroleum Jelly, Paraffin Oil. used as a refiner, with a melting point close to body temperature, petrolatum softens upon application and forms water repellant film around the applied area, creating a barrier which does not allow the skin’s natural evaporation process of moisture and foreign properties. This ingredient causes infection.

Parabens, are not unheard of. We see on our products “paraben free” more and more. They are widely used as preservatives in cosmetics. What you put in your body will remain for a very long time. Feels odd to preserve your body in an unnatural way right ? Parabens have been found to be a Category 1 priority substance as they prevent the cycle of the hormonal functionment. They closely resemble estrogen, and have thus been linked to breast cancer cases, reproduction, and immune system. 

Other ingredients to look out for are : Quaternium-15, BHUT, sodium hydrozymethglucinate, methanamine, Butylated Compounds, Carbon Black, Hydroquinone, Homosalate, Formaldehyde, MEA, DEA, TEA, Coal Tar and the list goes on and on.

Your body is a breathing living organism therefore putting ingredients on your cells that infringe on their natural functioning can have very important long term effects on you that can take years to get rid of. If you live in a city, you are already breathing in pollution, and you find black particles on your face and your hair at the end of the day. It is important to do everything in your power to lessen the aging of your body cells and to boost their functionality.


If you like to use body scrubs in the shower, or when you wash your face, watch out for the beads used to exfoliate your skin. Many of these microbeads are made of plastic.

  Can you imagine, you are rubbing plastic into your pores and cells almost everyday, and rinsing them out into our waters. 

  Not only is this terrible for the environment, as the sea creatures and alrea have to now live with this plastic. Some creatures mistake them for small fish eggs and ingest them, thus causing them to be unable to digest them and therefore die. These plastic beads are then absorbed in the fish’s bloodstream which, therefore end up on our plates. It’s a never ending cycle. Watch out for your toothpaste with beads in them as well, as you are immediately ingesting them, and they can get stuck in your gums. Try alternatives like Sugar scrubs, or coffee scrubs. 

Exfoliating is important for a strong and supple skin.  Here are a few recipes to try:

Argan Face Scrub

Ground Oatmeal – 1 Tsp

Argan Oil – A few drops

Grind into a coarse or fine powder. Add oil to thicken the past to your preference

Argan Lip Scrub

Raw sugar – 4 tsps

Argan Oil – 1 Tbsp

Coconut Oil – 1 Tbsp

Rose Petals – 2 Tbsps

Honey – 1/4 Tbsps

Using a mortar, crush together. Apply to your lips and scrub in circular motion. wash off with warm water. Refrigerate the excess.

Argan Body Scrub

Argan Oil – 1 Tbsp

Vanilla Extract – 1 Tsp

Coconut Oil – 2 Tbsps

Espresso Coffee Grounds – 1 Cup

Combine all ingredients and mix well. Scoop out and refrigerate.

coffee-total-body-scrub 32fffa4bdfe261fb52496a62f3dd2b07 coffee-exfoliating-facial-scrub

Switching your lifestyle can be difficult if you are so used to a beauty product you love, but take a look at it’s ingredients, and ask yourself if it is worth destroying your body just for looks, when you can look and feel better with all natural, vegan, cruelty-free products. Sometimes they are pricier, albeit, your body will thank you in the long run.

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