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I tried the Douvall’s Eye Serum, and it WORKS !

Hello Darlings,


Last month we came out with our new product “Argan Active Protection” which is targeted at revitalizing and hydrating your skin around your eyes. We asked participants that range from ages 21 to 76 to test our eye serum and to answer a survey regarding the proficiency of the product. Every single one of them has answered yes to seeing results after 24 hours and yes to seeing lasting effects after 2 months of using the serum. This is a product we are truly proud of as it heals the negative feelings we have when we see ourselves in the mirror and see a “tired”, “wrinkly”, “aging” person.


The ingredients are all natural and organic, and their combination creates a rapid “lift” effect which actively works all day. Slowly the Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, Leaf Juice Powder, Citrus Oil, Argan Leaf Oil, seeps into the dermis to nourish, plumps the skin.


A lot of today’s eye products are way too heavy for such a thin layer of skin around your eyes. They are also full of harmful chemicals and non-natural products which in fact fastens the aging of the skin as it is forced to reproduce its cells too fast, which then tired out your cells, creating fine lines and skin damage.


Here is an image of a client before and after trying out the product. She saw rapid and effective changes. Her skin felt different, tightened, and nourished. She also used Argan Oil on the rest of her face throughout the day for full protection.




Argan Oil is full of delicious nutrients and vitamins that balance the moisture perfectly in your skin, and nourish it and protect it from harmful chemicals. So it is no surprise that a more intense argan based serum would work natural miracles.


Summer is here and everyone will be snapping pics in the sun, so get your face and your eyes protected and look youthful and revitalized !




Alicia Douvall

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