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Great apps with vegan/eco-conscious ideas.

1587234461-1 Nowadays we spend a lot of time on our phone, so we might as well do it productively. Here are some Apps that can help you become more eco-friendly and improve your health through diet and cosmetics.


Lots of us love buying clothes, shoes and accessories. A better way to do that which is more eco friendly is though online sites such as Etsy and eBay. Therefore we are up-cycling clothes which not only helps the environment but is also in fashion as retro. You can also sell your old items on Etsy and eBay, decluttering and saving you from thawing them out. A lot of the items on Etsy are also handmade, so look out for them, as they help the producer more directly with fair wage and tend to be more eco-friendly.                                             


Most importantly you want your cosmetics to be natural, organic and containing no ‘nasties’.  This is so important as 70-80% of your skincare sink into the skin and are digested. Ontop of that is is amazing if products are eco-frienly, vegan and totally against animal testing.  An app to make sure your products are not causing harm to animals is Cruelty-free. This app tells you what brands are cruelty free helping you to find alternatives and not support animal cruelty. Douvall’s cosmetics follow these ideals so are great for your skin. For vegan make-up Haut Cosmetics app is great to buy your make-up.    Print                                                  




Your diet contributes to everything, your skin, hair, nails, and health. By improving your diet you can make miraculous changes. Your diet can help cure health problems and improve condition of skin, hair and nails. Therefore these apps can help with vegan and raw diets. Also remembering organic where possible, and no processed foods. The app Is It Vegan? can help you determine what is vegan and whats not. This is great for people who are starting out or just trying vegan. Ideas and recipes for raw vegan food can be found on the app Do Eat Raw also Irresistable Vegan Recipes.    shutterstock_678797471-RAW-NUTRITION   Two apps that are essential for determining whether you food and cosmetics are eco-friendly and bio-friendly are ICEA Check and Chemical maze. Chemical maze tells you exactly whats in your products. With these apps it should be easier to become more eco-friendly, raw vegan, cruelty free and most importantly better for your health.                                                 


some magazines that you can download on your phone to get even more information are Raw food Magazine (healthy solutions), vegan lifestyle Magazine and Vegan Living Magazine.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Thank you for reading our blog! I hope it helped and will inspire you.
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