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False Advertising with Beauty

I would like to bring up a serious topic that deeply affect women around the world on a daily basis. We are constantly being fed the belief that we have to defy the natural process of ageing by using anti-wrinkle creams or botox. These beliefs are passed on through image form with models looking completely flawless as they have had every “impurity” removed with photoshop. As women, we can only dream of looking so “perfect” and we will therefore be brainwashed to believe that we have to use all these products, that are stuffed with toxic chemicals, on our body every day. We will do whatever it takes to defy nature.


Here is the issue with these campaigns. The models used are sometimes not over 30 and if they are they don’t look it. Studies have shown that magazines aimed at women over 40 very rarely show older women in them. The women instead are youthful, thin and wrinkle free. We believe overall that wrinkles are a trait to be ashamed of or to fear. We therefore end up thinking that something must be wrong with our bodies, and we self shame. When in fact, shouldn’t we be striving to love ourselves more and tell other women around us how beautiful they are?  We should not feel like we have to cover our faces with so much makeup if our intentions are to hide our real face. This is a real matter that affects women over 40 in a way that can cause eating disorders, low self esteem and loss of sexuality.


Young girls start applying anti-wrinkle cream on sometimes when they are only 16. What 16 year old has wrinkles? They believe that by using it now they will prevent wrinkles from forming early. In fact, they are SPEEDING up the process and WASTING their money. You see, these magic serums designed for older skins are often very heavy and can cause a lot of skin problems such as occlusive folliculitis (Sweat cannot escape from your clogged pores, thus causing itchy red lumps), redness, itchiness, flaking and your skin cells renewing too fast.

These creams are packed with retinoids and AHAs, which break down the top layer of your skin which increases the rate at which the skin renews itself. When you are young, you are corrupting the skin’s natural water-retaining protective function. These changes are PERMANENT on your skin and you cannot fix the damage. On top of that your skin will become a lot more sensitive to the sun, which will require more protection over all. ageingskin-large1-300x257 Instead of investing so much on these creams we suggest using natural products such as oils, which only boost your skin with vitamins. Very good oils to prevent or to combat wrinkles are rosehip and carrot seed serums, olive oil, apricot kernel oil, coconut butter and of course argan oil.

Argan Oil replenishes your skin with VitaminE, antioxidants and no many other yummy nutrients that leave your skin feeling soft, elastic, glowing, clear with no breakouts.

We are not all lucky enough to live a long life. This journey we are on is a gift and we should celebrate everyday we are on earth by loving every wrinkle, white hair that appears.

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