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2% of the World Find Themselves Beautiful

Dear Reader,

Let’s take a look at a rose. We can all agree that a rose is a beautiful flower. This thought is widely accepted worldwide because it has been engrained in our brains for centuries now. Now let’s take a look at a cactus. This prickly plant not one we associate to beauty because it does not fit our standards, such as the color, the curves, the delicacy, the lightness. In fact you could say a cactus is rigid, painful to touch, and imposing. If we look at the differents facets of a cactus we can find out how fascinating this plant is and how beautiful it can be. A Cactus comes in many different shapes and sizes, is a variation of hues and not only that but it is a strong plant. It is a powerful plant who can survive with so little care and attention from outsiders. Inside of its shell is a source of life it carries by providing an abundant resource of water to those in need.

If i could be a plant, i would be a cactus.

For too long now women in the media have been portrayed as fragile, dainty, airy, boring creatures who do nothing all day. If you take a look at any painting in the renaissance, women are depicted lying about in frilly dresses not doing much as they are so restricted by their garments. Society imposed on them a specific ideal of beauty, and that is to be the tiny quiet creature who does nothing all day and wait for her husband to come home. A woman should just be there to look at. Let’s fast forwards to the 21st century and although much has changed such as the way we dress, our freedom regarding work and voting and driving, the media still portrays women as fragile submissive beings in many editorial shoots. The men are always the ones in control, who are strong, but somehow, our society finds beauty in a naked woman who appears to be dead and helpless. Studies have shown that men are attracted to the look of women dying of tuberculosis because they cheeks are flushed, their lips are red from the blood and they are lying there, helpless.

Somethings needs to change in the way our society perceives beauty. A woman should not have to be just a rose. A woman should be beautiful as a cactus or a mix of a rose and cactus as well. What is wrong with a strong woman? Absolutely nothing, except for the fact that she represents change and that can scare many people from the status quo.

If you take a close look at a rose you will find ‘imperfections’ on it, such as scarring from it growing and healing from outside harm. an unevenness in its color, and most of all it has thorns. It is always ready to protect itself because it knows how delicate the world sees it to be.

Every single body on this planet has ‘imperfections’, and many take great measures to get rid of them. However, it is time to take a stand against those who do not accept a wider view of beauty and show them that we all have quirks and a heart that is full of gold that deserves to be paid attention to.

        More and more we are seeing an inclusion of ‘strange’ people in the fashion industry and they are helping that movement march forwards. They are helping to redefine the word beauty. Let’s take a look at this video that will inspire:            

Finally we would like to leave you with a speech from Ashley Graham a so called ‘plus size’ model who in fact is a normal size woman with a healthy lifestyle, who is changing the hearts of many like wildfire:

    XXX Douvalls
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