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Build Your Immune System and fight off viruses!

BUILD YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: Immune support the clean way! 

Foods not to have… Viruses feed off what you eat to stay alive!

By removing the foods that viruses feed on you weaken them and in turn strengthen your immune system.

Viruses like to feed on eggs, dairy, gluten, sugar and corn, if you have these in your diet it will be much harder to fight viruses and build your immune system. It maybe hard to remove all of these foods but even starting with some will improve immunity and weaken viruses.

Lowering fats in your diet can also improve immunity as fats decrease the amount of oxygen in your blood and blood is antiviral. You still need some healthy fats such as avocado, nuts and seeds.

Antiviral foods: Certain foods that feed the immune system and protect against viruses.

Celery juice, cucumber juice, garlic, thyme tea, ginger, elderberry syrup and tumeric are key foods that can help build immunity and fight against viruses. Try to include these daily into your diet for optimal immune support.

Supplements and Immunity: Not all supplements are created equal

Supplements can greatly improve your immunity but make sure they don’t have any of the added nasties you are trying to avoid, such as sugars, additives and preservatives.

Here are some of the supplements that could benefit your immunity:

Zinc sulphate: We are almost all deficient in zinc and it is key to our natural defence system.

B12: Many of us have B12 but it depends if it is absorbable by our bodies. B12 repairs and stops damage caused by viruses as well as aiding the brain, liver and kidneys.

Cats Claw: A powerful anti-viral that viruses cannot become immune to. Helping with sinus infections, colds, sore throats and more.

L-Lysine: Lysine helps to slow down viruses and ward them off. Lysine slows virus cells from multiplying

Vitamin C: An anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory that boosts your immune system and white blood cells, great in foods and skincare. Viruses are highly sensitive to vitamin C, causing the virus to break down and disappear.

Spiralina: Acting as an anticeptic as well as building immunity.

Goldenseal: Helps to build the lymphatic system to protect areas such as throat, lungs, ears and nose.

Recipes for Immunity: Keep up daily intake for positive effects for immunity.

Tumeric shot:

    • Fresh ginger
    • water
    • lemon
    • honey

Juice lemon and grate ginger into a cup of water, allow to soak for fifteen minutes or longer. Strain the water, add lemon/honey to taste. (leave in the fridge if desired)

Thyme tea:

    • Thyme sprigs X2-4
    • Hot water
    • Fresh Lemon &/or Honey

Add fresh thyme into a mug with hot water, allow to soak for fifteen minutes. 

Remove thyme and add lemon/honey to taste.

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