Mother & Baby

Argan Oil for Mothers

"As a mom myself to Georgia and a new mom to baby Papaya I know how important it is to use products that are safe whilst pregnant and on your precious beloved baby.

I used Douvall's Organic Argan Oil Moisturiser everyday in my pregnancy and did not get ANY stretch marks! Argan Oil was super moisturizing around my fast growing bump and made a lovely refreshing massage oil to relieve my skin of any soreness.

I recommend Argan Oil to rub over your bump and back, thighs and bottom it is also safe enough to use whilst breast feeding."- Alicia Douvall

The use of Argan Oil to fight stretch marks is proven in many cases not just Alicia's. You can read articles about this online and on websites like the Argan Oil Society . As with everything, it is better to pre-empt stretch marks by the liberal use of Argan Oil rather than using Argan Oil as a cure for them; although this is known to work too!

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Argan Oil for your Baby

"Recently becoming a new mother again myself I know how careful we must be to put only the purest most natural products on our perfect babies skin." - Alicia Douvall

Our one hundred percent natural Organic Argan Oil is safe to use on your baby. Its great as a moisturiser for their precious delicate skin, and the fast absorbing oil can be massaged in to help your baby feel soothed, calm and content.

Douvall's is great for cradle cap, prevention of nappy rash (diaper rash), and you can add a few drops in the bath for a truly moisturising bath time.

Argan Oil is safe for baby, earth, and mom! Who could ask for more?

Organic Argan Oil an all natural way to nurture your child

Douvalls is housed in a recyclable glass bottle and packaging is kept to a minimum, so its good for you and our precious planet!