About Douvall’s

Founder Alicia Douvall has travelled widely in her career as a model and actress. On her travels Alicia heard of a “wonder oil”, originating in Morocco, where she discovered the amazing regenerating powers of argan oil:

When I first started using the oil I found it reduced fine lines and made my skin feel amazing. I’ve tried everything for my body and face, including lasers, harsh dermabrasion and all sorts of “miracle creams”. Argan oil has done more for my skin than any other treatment or expensive product, and at a fraction of the cost. I have found out the hard way that natural is the only way. The answer was simpler than I thought.

I never travel without my argan oil, and the travel size bottle is great for plane journeys. I use it for my face, my hands, my body, my nails and my hair – wherever I may be in need of hydration. I can feel confident that I can jump off a flight with my skin looking its best.

I gave Douvall's to my teenage daughter, as well as my mother and sister. They all use it regularly and swear by its results. My mum adds it to her bath and tells me it really leaves her skin feeling soft.

Douvall's is also named for Alicia’s daughter, Georgia, as it is also her product. She even gives it to her friends for Christmas presents (they all love it!). Georgia uses argan oil daily and like her mother, is a vegan.

I have been a vegan for a while now and try to stay away from chemicals. It makes sense that the less unnatural products you use on your body, the better. I buy organic whenever I can and am conscious of the need to protect the environment by doing my bit to help, such as using eco-friendly products, reducing my energy and water consumption and recycling as much as possible.

When I realised how difficult it was to get hold of pure argan in the UK from a source I could trust, I decided to branch out into a new area myself. I wanted to bring Argan Oil over here so that women like me and my family could feel the benefits too. Douvall's really is made with love.

I hope you enjoy it! xo xo

With love

Alicia Douvall

Our Commitments

Douvall’s keeps it simple and gives the consumer what they are looking for. We are also proud to say that we are able to support organic farmers and women’s co-operatives in doing so.

  • Argan oil is a natural product resulting from the release of kernels extracted from nuts of the Argan tree. A tree only available in the area of the Biosphere Reserve Arganeraie RBA near the coast in southern Morocco. The area, in which goats climb the trees to eat the Argan nuts, is environmentally protected, which ensures that all production of Argan Oil is organic.
  • The Argan nuts are harvested to be processed into oil. The extraction of Argan oil is labour intensive task without any use of chemicals. Each litre of oil requires no less than eight hours of work
  • The extraction process is carried out by local Moroccan women. These women have formed co-operatives, which have received funding from the Moroccan government and allow the women to work half days for fair pay and in good working conditions.

Douvall's is working with a women's agricultural co-operative in Essaouira, which was established for the purposes of:

  • The improvement of life conditions in rural female community
  • Long-term empowerment
  • To help the rural female community participate in local development programs.

Our suppliers also help the children of rural Essaouira by providing education for the families of the co-operative’s members.

In addition to our commitment to helping women and children in Morocco, Douvall’s are also committed to the environment. It is very important to us that Douvall's use recyclable glass bottles and less packaging. Our aim is to utilise recycled materials wherever possible. We want to offer people luxury but not at the expense of the planet.

In order to minimise packaging, information regarding Douvall’s can be found on this website rather than a paper leaflet.

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